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Israeliana - Metalware

Israeli made general metalware items

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The displayed items were made by various makers, currently not well known as Pal-Bell or Oppenheim, but they are already collectible and we predict that they will become more known in future.

Some of those makers were employees at Pal-Bell and after a few years of 'learning the business' they opened their own workshop. Oppenheim was already known prior to the1950s and made items marked: "Hand Made in Palestine". Later they bought Pal-Bell from Moshe Klein and continued some product lines using Pal-Bell's moulds and their new logo.

During the transition period, we may see items marked with both logos and some have no marking at all, but the items were made by using the original Pal-Bell moulds. There are many original items made by Pal-Bell, not marked or not listed in the catalogues. Some were not marked because of technical reasons, no place to put the marks, like "Zohar" candlesticks 681 or even not all pitchers "Beer Sheva" # 61 have Pal-Bell's logo or name, just "Made in Israel" in English and in Hebrew. Because certain items were made in a modular interchangeable manner, we may see certain 'marriages', which might be very successful, all of them however, are highly collectible.

One should judge an item not according to its maker only, but according to the quality, rarity and its uniqueness. There are gorgeous items made by a relatively unknown maker, and at the same time we can see different quality items even by Pal-Bell. The early Pal-Bells are more valuable and they were made of solid and heavier material and with darker green 'verdigris' plating than the later ones.

It was a very 'rich' period with designers such as Raban and others, new immigrants from Europe and Russia that contributed significantly to innovative and unique Israeli products.


vase-oppenheim-20c-1.jpg trivet-tzel-tzion-1.jpg vase-isr50-brass1-1.jpg trenchart-rafi-1.jpg urn-copper-1.jpg sabbath-oilamp-1.jpg
ashtray-10isr-1_tmbn.jpg (2795 bytes) barrel-isr-1.jpg pitcher-mayim-a-1.jpg ora-vase-4.5i-2.jpg brass-menorah-back-1.jpg frame-silv-5x8c-1.jpg
plate-copper-jerusalem-1.jpg plate-copper1-1.jpg plate-1950s-Jerusalem-1.jpg plate-jerusalem-brass-1.jpg plate-isr50s-cop-29c-1.jpg plate-cop-shofar-1.jpg
blotter-brass-1.jpg plate-spies-1.jpg plate-jacob-rachel-1.jpg wallplate-isr50s-1.jpg mortar-brass-1.jpg nr1183-ashtray-1.jpg
ashtray-oppenheim-9804-1.jpg sidur-cover-sp50s-1.jpg isr-ind-1948-1.jpg keyhanger-brass-1.jpg bc-holder-isr-1.jpg silp070-1.jpg
bowl-oppenheim-1.jpg jar-black-1.jpg box-copper-isr-1.jpg box-mishali-isr-1.jpg tray-teardrop-1_tmbn.jpg (1694 bytes) wheelbrw-hakuli105-1.jpg
serve-pair-isr60s-1.jpg letop-isr-bras2-1.jpg letop-isr-medical-20c-1.jpg letop-isr-nordia-18c-1.jpg nr800-dish-1.jpg silv-spoon-isr-1.jpg
hakuli-cat-botlop-1.jpg hakuli-cat-corks-1.jpg ashtray2-hakuli-1.jpg      


There are several makers that for some reason they did not add their logo or name to their products

They are marked below as 'unknown', however, they are marked 'Made in Israel' and sometime with Pat. #

The reasons for that might be: new products, experiments, special orders, selling to export or specific market, etc.

teppich-moses-o-1_tmbn.jpg (4431 bytes) vase-oppenheim-20c-1.jpg kleinKom-plate-1.jpg dayagi-candl-2.jpg candl-deco2-1.jpg
Teppich Oppenheim KleinKom(pre Pal-Bell) Dayagi Friedlander
trivet-tzel-tzion-1.jpg hakishut-box-1.jpg buckler-hanukkah-1.jpg hanukkah-hholon-1.jpg hakuli-warrior-3.jpg
Zel-Zion Hakishut Buckler Hen-Holon Hakuli
pitcher-hadar-30c-1.jpg tiferet-ashtray-1.jpg ilan-vase-1.jpg tamar-hanukkah-2.jpg (12305 bytes) nr1183-ashtray-1.jpg
Hadar Tiferet Ilan Tamar Nordia
taya-2.jpg ora-vase-4.5i-1.jpg wainberg-hanukkah-1.jpg (12276 bytes) ruth-hanukkah-1.jpg sabra-ashtray-1.jpg
Taya Ora Wainberg Ruth Sabra
fantasia.jpg israel-general-2.jpg israel-general-3.jpg israel-general-4.jpg israel-general-1.jpg
Fantasia Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
israel-general-5.jpg israel-general-6.jpg israel-general-7.jpg vase-isr50-brass1-1.jpg ashtray-ours.jpg
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


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